A World-Class Energy Efficient City

Community Energy Plan


BigIdeas The City of Holland is proud to have a comprehensive energy plan that will make the community a national leader in energy security, affordability, sustainability and efficiency. The Holland Community Energy Plan (CEP) embraces the values that have been central to the community throughout its history. It represents public/private collaboration, financial investment and personal commitment, driven by real people who desire a better energy future.


Conserving More – Holland New Tech School and Holland Christian High School


When it comes to saving energy, students at Holland New Tech School and Holland Christian High School have already seen the light. In addition to the students putting together videos highlighting Holland’s 40-year Community Energy Plan, they have become huge advocates for making the small, every day changes that can contribute to conserving energy.

Learn more about Doing More. Together. Ottawa Area Schools here.


Community Energy Plan Home Energy Retrofit Pilot


The City of Holland is taking another step forward in its pursuit of the Community Energy Plan. We are ready to launch a 50-house pilot program for Home Energy Retrofit. The goal of this program is to determine the effectiveness of energy saving measures when applied to our housing stock. Pending the results of this pilot program, we intend to implement a larger program which would make this service available to every city residence.

The City of Holland has engaged the services of Schneider Electric, an internationally recognized energy management firm, to conduct the pilot program. Schneider Electric, using a team of certified energy auditors, will conduct a thorough on-site evaluation of each home and will produce an individualized, cost-effective plan to improve energy efficiency. Schneider Electric will manage a team of professional contractors to make the actual home improvements. Each home will receive a one-year guarantee of energy savings.

All single-family residential homeowners within the city limits are eligible to apply for the pilot program. For those homeowners desiring assistance, the City of Holland, the Holland Board of Public Works, and SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company have partnered together in creating a financial package at 1.99%. All energy saving measures would be installed in time for next winter’s heating season.