Enjoy the summer breeze on your very own rope swing. Surprisingly easy to make, this project will give the kids another reason to unplug and get outside.



  • Piece of Round Wood (we used pine)

  • Large Carabiner

  • 24ft of Natural Rope

  • Drill

  • 1in Drill Bit

  • Measuring Tape

    Tip: Depending on the height of the tree you use, you may need less or more rope.  Buy a few extra feet to give yourself some wiggle room.

IMG_8343 Edited

Step 1. Find and mark the middle of your piece of wood.

IMG_8372 Edited

Step 2. Using a 1 inch drill bit, make a hole for your rope.

Tip: After this step, feel free to stain or have the kids paint your swing seat to personalize it!

IMG_8381 Edited

Step 3. Tie one end of the rope with your carabiner. We recommend using a double bowline knot. Find a sturdy branch and loop the rope over and through the carabiner.

Tip: Check out this video tutorial for tying a double bowline knot.

IMG_8386 Edited

IMG_8387 Edited

Step 4. Take the other end of the rope and feed through the hole you made in the seat.

Tip: Use some electric tape at the end of the rope to make it easier.

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Step 5. Make a knot at the bottom of the seat and cut off the extra rope.

Tip: Leave a bit of a tail below the seat so you can pull each other around!

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