Great for all ages, this nature inspired tic-tac-toe game is a perfect addition to an outdoor family game night and is fun to make. Turn down the AC, get outside and play!

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  • Piece of Round Wood

  • 10 Rocks

  • Paint

  • Paint Brushes

Tip: Make this project even more cost effective and fun by browsing the woods or local beach for stones to use for your game pieces.

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Step 1. Paint the game board lines onto your piece of wood.

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Step 2. Paint each stone for your game pieces – 5 in one color or design and 5 in another. Let dry and play!

Tip: Get creative with your game piece designs. Use favorite college teams, animals, bugs, flowers, etc.

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Tip: Organize a tic-tac-toe tournament with the whole family. These games are fast paced so it is ideal for those short attention spans!

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