Do something different tonight with kids and Cranium out in the yard.

When your family spends time outside this summer, you not only get the chance to connect, you also help Holland win big in the Georgetown University Energy Prize Competition. The town that uses the least energy per capita wins $5 million. Small things like turning off your air and lights and spending time outdoors make a big difference. So enjoy your family, and help Holland save.

For the chance to win a nest, share photos of your family’s fun on instagram. #hollandunplugged




Energy Game Twist: Make your own category of “Power Challenges” to draw from when someone picks a difficult card and wants a different prompt:
  • Cloodle: Draw someone turning off a light.

  • Sensosketch: Draw a lightbulb with your eyes closed.

  • Sculpturades: Sculpt a tree-swing.

  • Polygraph: Phantom Power is when something is plugged in but turned off and keeps sucking electricity. (true)

  • Gnilleps: Spell conservation backwards.


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