Holland is lucky to have a great farmer’s market full of local produce and goodies. Looking for a fun Saturday morning activity? Turn off the AC and take the family to wander this local treasure.

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First Stop: Coffee. Skip the coffee maker at home and grab a cup at the Market.

Simpatico has all the caffeine on deck, selling fresh hot coffee, cold brews and some of their popular specialty beans, all of which are pesticide, herbicide and synthetic fertilizer free.

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Pair your cup of joe with a fresh baked blueberry donut from Bowerman Blueberries.

Tip: If you’re feeling inspired, take a trip to Bowerman’s and pick some of your own blueberries on their 90 acre farm open 9am – 7pm on Saturdays.

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Every Saturday at 10am, local chefs demonstrate simple dishes with produce from the Market. As you travel from booth to booth, challenge each other to think of unique, yummy recipes to try with all the produce you pass. When you get home, test them out!

Check out our recipes: Grilled Cinnamon Peaches with Pecans and Grilled Pizza.

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Tip: Challenge each other to a farmer’s market grill off! Tastiest dish wins, while the losers do the dishes.

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If you aren’t too busy cooking up new recipes, you can start your own garden at home. The Market has several vendors selling all sorts of potted plants.

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Tip: Growing more than you can eat? Try drying, freezing or pickling your extra produce.

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The Holland Farmer’s Market has outdoor, delicious fun to offer every Wednesday and Saturday through December, 8am – 3pm.

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