Enjoy evenings on the porch with these simple, homemade citronella candles. Inspired by a blend of essential oils, these candles promise to not only set the mood and ward off bugs, but soothe your senses as well.

Enhance the evening with a family game night or some stuffed burgers on the grill.

And remember to help Holland in the Georgetown University Energy Prize Competition by turning off your air and lights while you relax outdoors.


We have 3 different recipes you can try for varying aromas around your home. You can also post your own variations to instagram! #hollandunplugged


  1. Fill each candle ¾ full of water

  2. Add 15-20 drops of Citronella

  3. Stir

  4. Add citrus, herbs and spices

  5. Top with water


Lakeshore Tea Candle

  • 1 lemon, sliced in circles

  • 1 ample scoop of dried lavender

  • A couple sprigs of rosemary

  • Citronella Essential Oil

  • Lavender Essential Oil (10-15 drops for a more gentle smell)



SummerThyme Candle

  • 1 lemon, sliced in circles

  • 1 lime, sliced in circles

  • A couple sprigs of thyme

  • Citronella Essential Oil

Tips: Limes are heavier than lemons and will naturally sink. The thyme will look best if stems are separated and placed in the jar individually.


Cinnamon Sunset Candle

  • 1 orange, sliced in thin wedges

  • Cinnamon sticks

  • A couple sprigs of rosemary

Tip: To create a “floating” effect for your rosemary, break it into smaller pieces and place stem down in the jar.


Tie a piece of twine or rope around each jar for a final decorative touch to your candle.


Once your jars are complete, add a single votive to each, light and enjoy. Make sure your votive floats flat in the water, or moving wax will tip the candle. Place these little projects around your yard to create ambiance for a party or savor them from the intimacy of your back porch table.

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